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Hi I do Adventure Time gifs here! All you have to do is ask and I will try my hardest to make the gif you desire! When business is slow I will reblog some Adventure Time things also c:
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Princess Bubblegum, Finn The Human and Jake The Dog!


Princess Charlie, the Merciless.

I drew this a long time ago before we knew what we were doing with Jake’s pups.

I had this idea that all of the pups other than Jake Jr. would turn evil and destroy/conquer the Candy Kingdom together. It was a fun idea but by no means a good idea.

I really like fun ideas that are bad ideas.

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Humanized Peppermint Butler with palette 8 for shoulddazzle.

Anonymous sent:

I was watching the Donny episode and now I understand your url! Haha

Thank! I’m always worried people won’t get it omg

For umbreon-girl

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umbreon-girl sent:

Could you make a gif of Marceline from the episode "go with me" where she is saying "you do now want to go down that road with me."? That would be pretty rad.



aaaaltogether now!!

Simon | Betty

the adventure time tag is full of garbage

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Betty with a tiny owl.

Perhaps it’s a…



OuO you think so?

hmm yes I think so

I had to make a pic based on this. x3


Pink and Grey

Some old pb and marcy outfit designs I did, I wanted to draw them again.